Employment Opportunities

Watertown Steel LLC. provides an environment that allows each person to expand their knowledge and skills to grow in the company. We offer competitive wages and benefits in the local market. We are always interested in personnel experienced in steel fabrication, steel erection, and crane operation.

Application Form

Print and complete our Employment Application Form and mail to:

Watertown Steel LLC
c/o Ed Ewing
405 Watertown Road
Waterford, Ohio 45786

or email: Ed Ewing
or fax to: (740)749-0602

Qualities We Look For in Employees:

This company can’t make you enjoy what you do; however, if you work here and don’t enjoy being here; then we are not a benefit to you, nor are you a benefit to us. Therefore, you should seek employment someplace where your personal qualities will be better suited with the qualities of the people around you.

There is one thing I am sure of; if problems exist that make you dislike your job, the work itself is not the cause of it. “That’s not possible.” The truth is; problems are always a reflection of the character makeup of the people within. This means if we have a problem, it is being caused by someone within the company. This in turn causes animosity for all and will not be left to linger below the surface.

The goal is; find out who it is that is focused on self-interest instead of what is in the best interest of the company and it’s employees. As the company’s president, I am committed to facing these issues and addressing these employees; redirecting them or letting them go to work elsewhere.

Damian L. Lang, President
April 5, 2002